Thursday, December 20, 2007

McDyess, Garnett not quite best friends

Detroit News

BOSTON -- Antonio McDyess and Kevin Garnett share a best friend (Chauncey Billups), an agent (Andy Miller) and a shoe deal (adidas). What they don't share is a warm and fuzzy friendship.

"I mean, we're cool," McDyess said before the Pistons' shoot-around Wednesday morning. "But it's not like we call each other all the time and stuff like that."

You might recall last January when the two balled their fists, cocked their arms and nearly came to blows in a game in Minnesota.

"I wanted to hit him," McDyess recalled, "but I didn't want to pay all those fines."

McDyess had gotten into a tussle with Timberwolves Mark Madsen and threw him to the floor. Garnett stepped in to defend his teammate.

The two were separated before any punches were actually thrown, though Garnett did throw the ball at McDyess.

Both were ejected and the Pistons won the game in double overtime.

Wednesday's 87-85 Pistons victory marked the first time they've faced each other since the incident.

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