Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pistons Shut Down Lebron James And Beat Cavaliers

The Pistons led through all four quarters against the Cavs Saturday night. They shot 60% and their defense was spectacular. They even did the unthinkable... Yes, they completely shut down Lebron James, limiting him to just 13 points, and 4 - 14 shooting.

One Piston responsible for shutting down Lebron was non-other than the fearless Rookie Arron Afflalo. In fact, the Pistons didn't just limit Lebron, they made a full defensive effort shutting down the entire Cavaliers team. New comer Theo Ratliff did such a great job defensively, that Zydrunas Ilgauskas was afraid to even look at the basket. All of the Pistons played great and they weren't even fazed at the fact that Ben was lurking underneath the basket... A true sign that the Playoffs is near...

Tayshaun Prince had 12 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals and 5 assists. Anotnio Mcdyess had a double-double 12 points and 10 rebounds. Jason Maxiell had 13 points and shot 6 - 8.

The Pistons beat the Cavaliers 85 - 71.

Pistons Fans cheer for Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace's back locked up on him in the third quarter ( back spasms ). Fans cheered for him as he was being helped to his feet and off the court... He didn't return.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pistons Beat Heat

The Pistons Rookies and youngsters were great in the game against the Heat last night. I am so proud of them. Arron Afflalo who filled in for Rip Hamilton ( bruised hip ) was great. I think he played his best game so far last night against the Heat. He's really shown his maturity and he seems to have really grown as a player. I'm very excited about that. He did a great job defensively against Rickie Davis, tapped in a missed shot and even had a nice two handed dunk that resulted in a three point play. Arron finished with 15 points, 7 rebounds as did Jason Maxiell. Arron also had 2 steals.

The Pistons beat the Heat 85 - 69

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pistons Cook Nuggets

The Pistons played so well against the Nuggets, I'm in a lost for words...

Here are the stats:

The Pistons scored 73 points in the first half, had 42 assists, and beat the Nuggets 136 - 120.

7 Piston scored in double figures. Rip Hamilton led the Pistons with 24 points, Rasheed Wallace scored 21, Chauncey Billups finished with 14 points and 10 assists. Jason Maxiell, 18 points and Jarvis Hayes had 17, Rodney Stuckey, 11 points, six assists.

The Pistons bench outscored the Nuggets bench 56 - 37.

The Pistons play the Cav's tonight at 8:00 on FSN. For those who may be "out of it", Ben Wallace is with Cavaliers now. Let's hope the Pistons don't stand around looking at Ben all googly eyed like they did when he was with the Bulls...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jarvis Hayes Help Pistons Beat The Hornets

Jarvis Hayes was excellent against The Hornets Sunday night. He tied his season high 29 points and was 7 for 8 in 3 pointers. WOW! That's some hot shooting!

Did you see how Jason Maxiell blocked Tyson Chandler's alley-oop? I thought I was watching Wild Kingdom for a second... How on earth did he managed to block that shot? It was Amazing...GO PISTONS!!!

The Pistons beat the Hornets 104 - 81

For those who missed the game, I've posted footage of the block Jason Maxiell made on Tyson Chandler...

Jason Maxiell Blocks Tyson Chandler: 3/16/2008

Jason Maxiell blocking Tyson Chandlers alley-oop, is probably the best block that I've seen so far. Check this out!...

If the video keep pausing, just click on it twice!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Rasheed, Rip Tossed, But Pistons Beat The Knicks

I'm proud of the Pistons. Aren't you?

Rasheed Wallace didn't play because of a sprained ankle, and Rip Hamilton was ejected in second quarter after receiving two technicals, but the Pistons still got the win.

Tayshaun Prince once again was the hero, filling in for his missing teammates. First he filled in for Chauncey, playing a point - forward role, when Chauncey was out taking care of personal matters. Last night, he filled in for 'Sheed and Rip.

He was excellent, being very aggressive and doing everything he can do to keep the Pistons in the game. He led the Pistons with 28 points.

The reserves were also great and that's another reason why the Pistons stayed in the game. Rodney Stuckey had 13 points a steal and a block. He also bravely took two charges from Ronaldo Balkman. Well, actually Ronaldo just ran him over. At least that's what it looked like to me. I don't know Ronaldo, but he had me thinking..."what on earth was wrong with him?" "Is his equilibrium messed up?" Watching him was hilarious.

Juan Dixon, filled in for Rip. Yes, I just can't give Tayshaun all the credit. That wouldn't be right. Juan did a nice job as well filling in for Rip. He had nine points and four assists.

Newly acquired Theo Ratliff started for Rasheed. He had five points, five rebounds and two blocks. He also did a great job guarding against the mammoth sized Eddy Curry. Yep, he's going to a huge help for The Pistons down the stretch. I'm really excited about that.

Amir Johnson had six points, five rebounds and three blocks. He's been steadily doing great, which I'm very happy about. Jason Maxiell scored 12 points. The reserves outscored the Knicks', 46-25.

The Pistons beat The Knicks 101 - 97

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flip Murray Signs With The Pacers

Detroit News

Former Pistons guard Flip Murray did a quick change of pace Friday. He appeared set to sign with the Clippers, but he changed his mind and signed with the Pacers instead. The Pacers, with Jamaal Tinsley out with a knee injury, might offer Murray more playing time than the Clippers. The Clippers, in turn, signed Andre Barrett.

Pistons Beat The Clippers

Rodney Stuckey started for the first time, filling in for Chauncey Billups who had to go back home for a personal matter...I wonder what the emergency was... The last time a Piston stayed home for a "personal matter", Rip Hamilton welcomed his first son into the world. I hope everything is alright with Chauncey.

Rodney Stuckey did a nice job filling in for Chauncey as did Tayshuan Prince who played the Point - Forward position. Rodney finished with 9 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Tayshaun led the way with a very impressive 22 points and 10 assists. New comer Juan Dixon got some valuable playing time. He was great shotting 6 for 7. He had 15 points and 6 assist in 23 minutes.

Rasheed Wallace seem to really be enjoying himself here lately. He doesn't seem bored at all... That's the 'Sheed I love to watch. He had 13 points in the first quarter and finished with 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Rip Hamilton was excellent with 14 points and 5 assists. The Pistons had 28 assists altogether. They also had 13 fast break points.

Walter Herrmann put on a nice show in the 4th qurater. He made some pretty layups that got the crowd and the Pistons bench Oohing and Ahhing. He also had a nice dish to Jarvis Hayes in the 4th. The Pistons beat the Clippers 101 - 73.

The Pistons victory over the Clippers Saturday night was their 4th win by 30 or more points. It was also their 13th win by 20 or more points. They finished the West trip 3 - 1. Go Pistons!