Friday, December 25, 2009

Hilarious Kobe and Lebron Puppet Commercial

Dunkin' on that reindeer, Dunkin' on that reindeer. This commercial is so funny. Merry Christmas Everyone!...

Merry Christmas Pistons Fans!

I haven't been posting on my blog in a while since I've been working on some other things. I'll return sometime after the New Year though. I would like to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a happy New year!

P.S. Rip and Tayshaun please get back soon!...I miss you guys and so does your teammates.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Game 3: Pistons vs. Cavs

The Pistons play the Cavaliers tonight at 7:00.

The Pistons had better start playing better before they get swept.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Will Bynum To The Rescue

The Pistons had a very exciting game against the Bucks last night. Mainly because of Will Bynum.

Rip Hamilton, got tossed after picking up a second technical foul in the third quarter. Usually the Pistons leading scorer getting ejected would immediately spell doom for the Pistons. Yeah, that was before the Will Bynum era.

Will did an excellent job, stepping up for the absent Richard Hamilton. He knocked down 26 points in the 4th quarter. The most points scored in a quarter by a Piston. That's incredible! He finished with an impressive 32 points altogether.

The Pistons beat the Bucks 104-97. The Pistons are now tied with the Bulls for the seventh spot.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Allen Iverson Out For The Season

With Allen Iverson out for the season, some Pistons fans would probably judge A.I. and say that he's abandoning the team right before the playoffs because he's upset about coming off the bench, but A.I. actually have a valid complaint.

He says that coming off the bench with a back injury is hard because he have to sit which causes his back to stiffen up. Therefore Joe Dumars and A.I.'s agent think that it is best for A.I. not continue to try to play this season.

Still I know some people would say that he's just faking his injury because he doesn't want to come off the bench.

Well first of all, you can't blame Allen Iverson for not wanting to come off the bench. Rip didn't want to come off the bench either. He was just fortunate that Allen Iverson suffered an injury making it possible for him to ease his way back into the starting line-up. Lets not forget that.

Like Rip, A.I. is very competitive. You can't expect guys like them to want to come off the bench playing 17 or 18 minutes a night.

Can you blame Allen Iverson for being upset with his role? Look at how many times Coach Curry switched up the starting line-up. I count at least nine times this season.

do you think Allen Iverson is the only one complaining? The truth is Coach Curry did not allow his team to get into any type of rhythm.

I wish things would have turned out differently for A.I. He's had some unfortunate things happen to him this season. Dealing with a Rookie Head coach, an injury he's never had before, being placed on a bench for a guy who haven't being playing well, but remains in the starting line-up simply because he's younger...

I feel ya A.I...

Well after this ordeal, A.I. probably won't be back with Pistons next season. Not unless Joe D fires coach Curry, hire Larry Brown and place Allen Iverson back into the starting line-up.

Whatever happens I hope things turn out well for A.I. He shouldn't have to end his career like this.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Put Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace Back In Starting Line-up Please!

Coach Curry needs to stop with all the experimenting and put Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace back in the starting line-up.

Allen Iverson can play the point. The thing is, Curry just didn't allow him to get comfortable in that role. He's constantly switching things up.

The idea of Rip and A.I. not being able to play alongside each other was just an excuse to put Rodney Stuckey in the starting line-up.

Stuckey plays well, but he's not so spectacular that he should replace a guy like Allen Iverson in the starting line-up.

Stuckey have plenty of time to be a starter in this league, so why not enjoy as much of A.I. as we can?

In order to make Allen Iverson more comfortable coming off the bench, coach Curry has now placed Rasheed Wallace on the bench... Give me a break!

A.I. wouldn't be comfortable coming off the bench if the entire starting line-up came off the bench with him.

Curry needs to face the facts. Allen Iverson is not a bench player. He never was and he never will be.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Bynum, 'Dyess and Tay Help Lead Pistons To Victory

The Pistons are a very fun team to watch. This is definitely a new era anytime I find myself being entertained by the Pistons whether they're winning or losing. Before the Will Bynum, Allen Iverson Era, it seems like the Pistons loses were always ugly.

Now they're losing pretty and winning even prettier. Take the two games in Texas for instance. Those were two of the prettiest loses the Pistons ever had. Then the Pistons had a pretty win against the Clippers last night.

Yes, the Pistons had a great win over the Clippers despite missing four players. Will Bynum did a great job filling in for Rodney Stuckey who was out with the Flu.

The Pistons were down 12 points in the first half but started cooking in the second.

Tayshaun Prince had a career high 12 assists, Antonio Mcdyess was doing everything to help the team win as usual and Walter Herrmann knocked down some key shots when the Pistons needed it. It was a team effort.

I'm really liking the addition of Kwame Brown and Will Bynum. Will is a great little weapon to have. He gets to the hoop almost effortless. Then he have the nerve to be able to dunk. Yep, the little guy can dunk. He makes the team so much more entertaining to watch. Most importantly he's helping the Pistons team win.

The Pistons beat the Clippers 1-8-90.