Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Bynum, 'Dyess and Tay Help Lead Pistons To Victory

The Pistons are a very fun team to watch. This is definitely a new era anytime I find myself being entertained by the Pistons whether they're winning or losing. Before the Will Bynum, Allen Iverson Era, it seems like the Pistons loses were always ugly.

Now they're losing pretty and winning even prettier. Take the two games in Texas for instance. Those were two of the prettiest loses the Pistons ever had. Then the Pistons had a pretty win against the Clippers last night.

Yes, the Pistons had a great win over the Clippers despite missing four players. Will Bynum did a great job filling in for Rodney Stuckey who was out with the Flu.

The Pistons were down 12 points in the first half but started cooking in the second.

Tayshaun Prince had a career high 12 assists, Antonio Mcdyess was doing everything to help the team win as usual and Walter Herrmann knocked down some key shots when the Pistons needed it. It was a team effort.

I'm really liking the addition of Kwame Brown and Will Bynum. Will is a great little weapon to have. He gets to the hoop almost effortless. Then he have the nerve to be able to dunk. Yep, the little guy can dunk. He makes the team so much more entertaining to watch. Most importantly he's helping the Pistons team win.

The Pistons beat the Clippers 1-8-90.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

'Dyess And Captain Rip Help Smash Raptors

The Pistons played in another overtime game, but only this time they won. The Pistons beat the Raptors 99 - 95, handing them their seventh straight lost.

Captain Rip Hamilton and Antonio Mcdyess have been doing a great job leading the team. Against the Raptors, Rip had a carrier high 16 assists to go along with 24 points. 'Dyess had another double-double, 13 points and 15 rebounds. I'm so proud of them. GO PISTONS!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pistons lose In Overtime

The Pistons lost in overtime against the New York Nicks Wednesday night. It's a shame too because Antonio Mcdyess's career 21 points and 22 rebound effort was wasted. bummer!

The Pistons lost to the Knicks 116 - 111.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rodney Stuckey Visits A Local Middle School

One day after helping to secure a 98-94 win over the Orlando Magic, Rodney Stuckey visited Remus Robinson Middle School in Detroit to talk to the students about the importance of eating well and exercising. Stuckey, and the NBA, have teamed up with Body By Milk to bring the Get Fit By Finals program to schools nationwide. Get Fit encourages students to be active for 60 minutes a day, and to make good nutrition choices, such as drinking three glasses of milk a day.

“Exercise and good nutrition helped me achieve my goal of playing in the NBA and maintaining the high-level of fitness required to stay at the top of my game,” says Stuckey, a 2007 first round draft pick by the Pistons. “Along with other top athletes, fitness and nutrition experts, I’m excited to help teens reach their own personal best and help them Get Fit By Finals.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pistons Beat The Nuggets Yet Again

The Pistons beat the Nuggets Tuesday night, despite another excellent performance by Chauncey Billups. I think he busted like 34 points on the Pistons or something. He had like 21 points in the first half. Almost identical to the game he had in Denver.

The fans gave Mr. Big Shot a long Standing ovation before the game. That was great. What I didn't like was the sign that read the "Canswer" in reference to Allen Iverson. I believe A.I. deserves more respect than that.

Anways, at the end of the game Rip was walking and talking to Chauncey with his jersey pulled up to his mouth, so you couldn't read what he was saying.

I can just about imagine though. Can't you?

It probably went a little something like this...

Rip: "They put me on the bench Chauncey. Me. That's crazy right? I mean, can you believe that? I was this close Chauncey. I was this close. Maaaaaan.... you just don't know."

Meanwhile Chauncey was probably thinking...

"That's it, I'm turning my phone off."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Blame Allen Iverson

Don't blame Allen Iverson for the Pistons eight game losing streak. If anything, blame it on the Pistons moping around and not playing with any spirit, because they didn't like the coaches decision to put Rip Hamilton on the bench. Yeah I said it!

If I didn't like coach Curry's decision to bench Rip Hamilton, then I know Rips teammates didn't like it either.

For six straight games the only Pistons playing with energy and spirit was the two guys who desperately want to win the championship, and that's Allen Iverson and Antonio Mcdyess. I don't know what you other Pistons fans saw, but that's what I saw.

It appears that by the seventh and eighth game, the Pistons started to feel sorry for Allen Iverson because of how hard he was trying to win, so they decided to play with more heart. Unfortunately Allen Iverson got injured and in the following game, Rasheed lost his cool and the Pistons ended up losing both games.

The important thing that I saw in those two games was how well the Pistons can play with Allen Iverson, when they make and effort to do so.

Some people want to follow the trend of blaming everything on Allen Iverson, but like I said before, when Rip Hamilton was out due to injury, the Pistons won seven straight, and that was with Allen Iverson and Rodney Stuckey sharing the court, but as soon as coach Curry announced that Rip would be coming off the bench, the Pistons started playing like they didn't like each other.

I will always be a Pistons fan, but I'm also not afraid to say that sometimes, their attitudes stink. When Chauncey Billups was traded to Denver, he mentioned how the Pistons deliberately wouldn't play right, whenever they were mad at the coach or didn't agree with the coaches decisions.

That certainly might explain why the Pistons won seven straight games when Rip was injured, but lost eight in a row when coach Curry announced that Rip would be coming off the bench.

The Pistons are definitely a better team with Rip in the starting line-up, but to lose eight in a row with Rip on the bench is absolutely ridiculous.

Knowing the attitude of the Pistons, I wouldn't put it pass them to play as awful as they possibly could to show how much they disagreed with the coaches decision. Heck, they treated Larry Brown like garbage and he was the best coach that they had.

For those with amnesia, let me remind you that the Pistons complained every time Larry Browns name was mentioned in the media, as if coaches don't deserve any credit for their teams success. That's right! So, I blame them for chasing away the best coach that they ever had.

Chauncey Billups said that he feel sorry for Allen Iverson... Yeah, well I do to.

I was wrong to single out Rodney Stuckey, and blame him for the Pistons losing streak. If anything, the careless, non-nonchalant attitude of the Veteran ring leaders, probably made him feel guilty for replacing Rip in the starting line-up, therefore causing him to not be able to concentrate.

If you notice, now that Rip is back in the starting line-up, the Pistons are all smiles. They're back talking to one another. They act like they like each other and most importantly their winning.

Does that mean that they don't like Allen Iverson? No, nor does it mean that they can't win with Allen Iverson. It's just that Rip means a little more to them...

Let me explain...

If Rip would've became upset enough to leave and play elsewhere, they're would only be two people left from the original Pistons championship team. I'm sure that's all they could think about.

I just hope Allen Iverson can understand that. I say, if A.I. can put up with the Pistons crazy mood swings then he's keeper. I just hope he gets the opportunity to play alongside Rip Hamilton. I would love to see that.