Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tired Pistons Lose To Rockets

Not to make any excuses but, playing on a back to back with no rest in the fourth quarter the night before, the Pistons starters were noticeably tired playing against the Rockets. They shot only 27% in the first half and 37% overall, yet surprisingly the game wasn't as boring as it could've been. I think It was because I was being entertained by Rasheed Wallace. For instance, during the first half he picked up a foul, and as he was going to the bench he yelled "All them Motha-F*@#%s are soft" referring to the Rockets. Mind you, Yao Ming had already accused his own team of being soft when they played against another opponent. Anyways, not too long after Rasheed called the Rockets soft, Bonzi Wells Chest Bumped 'em, I guess trying to prove that he's not as "soft as a Twinkie". Luckily for him though, he's no stranger to Sheed. They were once teammates in Portland. As Bonzi Wells missed his Free Throw, Sheed yelled his signiture "Ball Don't Lie" loud enough to raise the dead, making Bonzi smile like a Cheishire cat. It was a crazy game, but strangely entertaining. Pistons 77, Rockets 80.

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