Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pistons Beat Bobcats In Overtime

Well, thanks to the schedule saying that the game start at 8:00, when it actually started at 7:30, I missed the entire first half...Great! This isn't the first time this happened to me, but anyways...

What I would like to know is...

Where the heck do the Bobcats get their energy?

Just the night before, they lost in a double overtime game against the Cavaliers, yet somehow they managed to muster up enough strength to go into overtime again against The Pistons last night. So that's two games in two nights plus triple overtime.

The Pistons beat The Bobcats 103 - 100, but you have to give the Bobcats credit for actually having enough energy to even put up a fight. Did I also mention that they were playing without their point guard? Yeah! That's insane!

Anyways, I was glad to see Ex-Piston Nazr Mohammed out they're getting the minutes he deserve. He did great job. He had 19 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks. His friend and former teammate Tayshaun Prince had 2 blocks as well to go along with his 22 points. Chauncey Billups had 27 points and 7 assists.

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