Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Real Pistons Didn't Show Up Against The Mavericks

If you didn't see the game last night, be glad you didn't! It was ugly. I'm not even going to go into details, I'll just say this...The Pistons got torched by The Mavericks.

I mean, the way the Mavericks were shooting lights-out, they could've made those shots blind-folded with their hands behind their backs.

On the other hand though, I don't feel too bad about the lost. Had The Pistons played their best and lost I would be worried, but they didn't.

They looked timid, they looked nervous, they were missing all kinds of shots. They weren't playing any type of defense...In fact, the way The Pistons played, I give them credit for only losing by sixteen points.

I think The Pistons felt some pressure. Mind you, They have been having blow-out wins against opponents, but it was down-played because of the fact that the opponents they were torching wasn't as elite. So, when the Piston's had to play against a great team like the Mavericks, I'm sure they felt some pressure to prove themselves. even though they probably wouldn't like to admit it.

On top of that, I don't think they got over losing to The Celtics. In fact, they probably took the lost more seriously than they normally would have, because of Rasheed Wallace.

Rasheed is the teams emotional leader. So when he went skipped going to the Locker Room and went straight home after they lost to The Celtics, it only caused his teammates to dwell on that particular lost longer than usual. Rasheed is smart, so I'm sure he realizes his mistake.

The Pistons will be ready for the Spurs tonight though. At least I hope so. The game is at 8:00 on TNT


smokin_bb said...

Are you on meth. The Mavericks trhew up a defensive blanket so the Pistons were pressure on their shots.

Tell it like it is. The PISTONS lost becaue the MAVERICKS kicked their BUTTS

Amerri said...

I'm not taking anything away from The Mavericks. The Mavericks is a great team, and yes they did kick The Pistons butts. That I did admit.

On the other hand, I know The Pistons can play a lot better than how they played.

Did I say that the Pistons normally should have won against The Mavericks?

No I didn't say that because I know that The Pistons and The Mavericks are both good teams.

All I'm saying is...The Pistons didn't play to their full potential. And even if They did play to their full potential it still would not have guaranteed them the win.

Get It?

Oh, and I'm not on meth.