Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What The Pistons Need To Do In Order To Win The Championship

Alright,The Pistons are deeper than they've been in four years. They have guys who can come off the bench and score without any drop-off, which gives the starters valuable rest. They have guys who are able to penetrate and drive to the basket, such as Rodney Stuckey, Aaron Afflalo, and Walter Herrmann. Before that they only had Carlos Delfino. They seem to have gotten rid of their complacency, which was a real drag last season...So what else do The Pistons need to win the Championship?

1) Move The Ball

The Pistons need to continue to move the ball. When they're not moving the ball, they're not playing as a team, and not playing as a team means that they're not utilizing the weapons that makes this team great (Tayshaun Prince for example). They can not afford to get caught up in individual match ups like they did in the game against The Celtics, which they lost on Jan 6th.

2) Be Vocal

In the first game the Pistons played against the Celtics, Tayshaun Prince gave Chauncey Billups some good advice. It was late in the fourth quarter and the Pistons had possession of the ball. Tayshaun told Chauncey to do a pump fake instead of trying to take the shot. Chauncey listened, made a pump fake, got fouled and won the game by knocking down two free throws. Hence, The Pistons Should remember that although Chauncey is the leader, and is therefore the one who usually gives advice, he too could use some advice sometimes. That's how you help each other as a team.

3) Stay Aggressive

I don't mean to sound like Cesar Millan, but Chauncey is the pack leader. When he's aggressive, his teammates are aggressive. That's why its important for him to be aggressive at all times. You cant' go wrong when you're aggressive.

4) Keep Cool

When The Pistons, mainly Rasheed Wallace gets into it with the refs, he not only loses focus, but the whole team starts to lose their focus. Hence, arguing with the refs is nothing more than a distraction. To give Rasheed credit though, hes done a pretty good job of keeping his cool this year. Him and his teammates should practice that more often.

5) Don't Take Bad Shots

Last year's playoffs was like a nightmare. I watched in awe as Rip Hamilton repeatedly tried to score over seven foot guys while getting his shot blocked over and over again. To give Rip credit though, he seems to be a whole lot smarter this season. Now when there's a big in front of him, he smartly passes to another teammate.

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