Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chauncey Billups And The "Zoo Crew" Trample Over Trailblazers

Chauncey Billups was on a roll against The Trailblazers Friday night. He scored all of his 17 points in the first quarter. He also had 5 assists, including a sweet pass to Anotnio McDyess on a Pick And Roll.

In fact he got the team rolling so well and so early, the game was practically decided in the first quarter. The Pistons led by nine at the end of the first.

The Pistons bench was excellent once again. The "Zoo Crew" as Chauncey dubbed them, started the second quarter with a 10 - 0 run, sparked by Jarvis Hayes who knocked down a three.

The Bench made some great plays and shared the ball beautifully in the second quarter. Jarvis had a nice pass to a back cutting Arron Afflalo who scored underneath the basket. Rodney Stuckey threw an Alley-oop to Amir Johnson for a dunk.

Moments latter he drove down the lane and passed the ball to Amir for another dunk. Amir fought hard for a rebound while lying on his back. When he finally got the ball in his possession, he passed it to Rodney, who passed it to Rasheed Wallace, who knocked down a three.

The young fellas played some great defense as well. In fact, Arron Afflalo and Amir Johnson played such tight defense on Jarret Jack that he was forced to commit a back court violation. He had no where else to go.

There was absolutely no drop-off whatsoever with the young guys playing the entire second quarter. In fact they turned a 9 point pistons lead into a 24 point Pistons lead at half-time. Rasheed, acting as the leader was the only starter on the floor in the second quarter.

Rip Hamilton, who only played for 22 minutes, finally scored his second point in the 3rd quarter. Tayshaun Prince finally scored his first point in the 3rd quarter, when Rip threw him an Alley-oop pass for a dunk.

Moments latter, with what looked like a replay, Rip threw another Alley-oop to Tayshaun for another dunk. The Pistons ended the third quarter with a 24 point lead.

In the fourth quarter, Jason Maxiell made a monster block that looked like he was spiking a volley ball, and the rest is history. The Pistons beat The Trailblazers 91 - 82.

Rip Hamilton scored 8 of his 10 points in the third quarter. He also had 4 assists. Tayshaun Prince scored all of his 9 points in the third quarter. The Pistons had 26 assist.

The Piston Bench are averaging 25.4 points this season. They scored 39 points against The Trailblazers Friday night and outscored Their bench 28 - 4.

Amir Johnson, who scored his first point by tipping in a missed free throw by Chauncey Billups, had 10 points, 2 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks. Rodney Stuckey had 13 points and 4 assists. The two of them combined for 23 points.

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