Monday, February 25, 2008

The Pistons Give The Suns a Beatdown

O.k, The Pistons whipped Phoenix's butt so bad, that I don't even have any words...I'll just say this...Giving up Shawn Marion was a huge mistake. The Suns are not even half the offensive threat that they used to be.

The Pistons leading by as many as 36 points and wining by 30 against the old Phoenix Suns, would have been more than unthinkable...It would have been impossible.

Do I have to go into anymore details?...

Oh yeah...

Shaq was so frustrated that he tried to rip Amir Johnsons arm off going after a rebound. And Chauncey Billups had a big boo boo. By boo boo I mean a huge knot on his head, after being accidently elbowed by Amare Stoudemire. Ouch!

The Pistons beat the Suns 116 - 86

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