Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where Was Amir Johnson In The Game Against The Jazz?

While The Pistons were losing to the Jazz Wednesday night, all I kept wondering was...Where is Amir Johnson?

What I can't understand is why Flip Saunders didn't play Amir against the Jazz, after playing him for 16 games straight. Heck, if The Pistons ever needed Amir it was last night against the Jazz...

Honestly, I don't understand Flip sometimes. Doesn't It seem like, if The Pistons keep getting their butts kicked by the Jazz, that he would try something new? Like playing Amir perhaps.

The Pistons led by 18 at one point, but then the Jazz started making runs, Mehmet Okur ( who dropped 24 points on the Pistons ) kept hitting 3's, and before you know it it was all over. The Jazz beat the Pistons 103 - 95

Another question...Why did Joe Dumars get rid of Mehmet Okur?

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