Friday, February 1, 2008

Young Blood Help Pistons Beat Lakers

The Pistons got off to a slow start against the Lakers Thursday night. However they quickly heated up and shot 10 straight, after being 0 for 5.

Rip Hamilton who scored 8 straight in the first, had 12 points and 3 steals in 10 minutes. The Pistons had 7 steals in the first quarter and led by 7 at the end of the 1st.

The young guys, Arron afflalo, Amir Johnson and Rodney Stuckey were excellent. In the second quarter, they gave The Pistons a huge spark off of the bench, and helped build a 17 point lead.

Lets face it, The Pistons were just toying with The Lakers in the second quarter. First Rodney Stuckey drove down the lane and finished with a dunk, that had the crowd oohing and aahing, then Rasheed Wallace stole the ball, passed it to Rip, who passed it behind his back to a trailing Tayshaun Prince for a dunk, then Rodney Stuckey stole the ball and passed it to Arron Afflalo, who passed it to a trailing Amir Johnson for a dunk.

Apparently the referees decided that The Pistons was having too much fun, because the next thing I know they were being called for fouls left and right. With the help of the referees, The Lakers were able to cut the Pistons 17 point lead to 7 at half-time.

In the 3rd quarter The Pistons offense became stagnant, and it was The Lakers turn to heat up. The Lakers scored 12 straight and led by 5 at the end of the 3rd.

In The fourth quarter, Flip Saunders went to his bench and once again had some success. With the help of Jarvis Hayes, Rodney Stuckey and Amir Johnson, The Pistons went on an 8 - 1 run and re-gained the lead.

Rodney Stuckey and Amir Johnson both made some great plays in the fourth quarter. First Rodney stole the ball then drove straight down the lane and scored, then he set Rip Hamilton up nicely for a shot.

Then Amir Johnson blocked Kobe Bryants shot on the other end. The Young guys were excellent both defensively and offensively, but it was veteran Tayshaun Prince who made the winning shot.

With The Lakers up by two and the game clock ticking away, Tayshaun calmly stepped behind the three point line and knocked the shot, giving the Pistons a one point lead, with 4 seconds left. The Lakers last shot attempt was an air ball.

The Pistons beat The Lakers 90 - 89.

Tayshaun Prince finished with 22 points and 4 rebounds. Rodney Stuckey finished with 10 points, 3 assists, a steal and 0 turnovers. Amir Johnson finished with 4 points and 9 rebounds.

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