Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Rasheed, Rip Tossed, But Pistons Beat The Knicks

I'm proud of the Pistons. Aren't you?

Rasheed Wallace didn't play because of a sprained ankle, and Rip Hamilton was ejected in second quarter after receiving two technicals, but the Pistons still got the win.

Tayshaun Prince once again was the hero, filling in for his missing teammates. First he filled in for Chauncey, playing a point - forward role, when Chauncey was out taking care of personal matters. Last night, he filled in for 'Sheed and Rip.

He was excellent, being very aggressive and doing everything he can do to keep the Pistons in the game. He led the Pistons with 28 points.

The reserves were also great and that's another reason why the Pistons stayed in the game. Rodney Stuckey had 13 points a steal and a block. He also bravely took two charges from Ronaldo Balkman. Well, actually Ronaldo just ran him over. At least that's what it looked like to me. I don't know Ronaldo, but he had me thinking..."what on earth was wrong with him?" "Is his equilibrium messed up?" Watching him was hilarious.

Juan Dixon, filled in for Rip. Yes, I just can't give Tayshaun all the credit. That wouldn't be right. Juan did a nice job as well filling in for Rip. He had nine points and four assists.

Newly acquired Theo Ratliff started for Rasheed. He had five points, five rebounds and two blocks. He also did a great job guarding against the mammoth sized Eddy Curry. Yep, he's going to a huge help for The Pistons down the stretch. I'm really excited about that.

Amir Johnson had six points, five rebounds and three blocks. He's been steadily doing great, which I'm very happy about. Jason Maxiell scored 12 points. The reserves outscored the Knicks', 46-25.

The Pistons beat The Knicks 101 - 97


david santos said...

Tahnks for your posting and have a good weekend.

Scott McLean said...

I hope the Pistons can get past the the Celtics and Cavs in the playoffs. Do you think Ratliff will make a difference? Sheed's played so well this year. I love this Pistons team. You have a great blog!

Amerri said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... I'm glad you like it...

I think Theo will make a great difference. Not that I don't have faith in young Amir and Jason, but its always safe to have at least one Veteran Big Man on the bench.