Monday, April 21, 2008

Pistons Lose Game 1 Against 76ers

The Pistons did not play their usual game against the 76ers Sunday evening. It looks like their plan was to get the front court going early, particularly Rasheed Wallace who did an excellent job. However the guards Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton were too passive and therefore never got it going.

Everyone knows how important Rasheed is to the team. Without him the Pistons would not have won the 2004 Championship, but Sundays game proved that even with Rasheed playing extremely well, the Pistons can not win without contribution from the guards.

You can actually read Chauncey's body language and tell whether he's going to be passive or aggressive. Hence, the moment he took the ball up the court, I knew the Pistons were in trouble.

I think Chauncey got too caught up in th idea of letting Rasheed lead?

It's important to get Rasheed going, but Chauncey has to remember that theirs no greater leader on the team than the Point Guard. what Chauncey needs to do if he expects his team to win the Championship, is to continue to play like hes been playing all season, and that is...getting everyone on the team going, including himself.


PIstonsNation said...

They did play their usual game IMO, their usual game against the Sixers as far as the four they played in the regular season.

I think we'll definitely win the series, but we won't be blowing the Sixers out in any of these games. They play too hard and do too many little things well.

Anonymous said...

The pistons were to full of themselves. They thought it was just and easy win against the 7th seed. Don't get me wrong Rasheed had a great game, but Rasheed can't be the only one playin good. Chauncey and Rip need to tep up in game 2asheed had a great game, but ra