Friday, May 23, 2008

Game 2: Pistons Beat Celtics, Celtics Lose For The First Time At Home

I knew that if the Celtics were going to lose at home, it was going to be to the Pistons. Yeah baby!

In case you haven't heard or seen it for yourself, the Pistons are an excellent road team. In fact I feel like if the Guards Chauncey Billup's and Rip Hamilton would have played in game 1, as well as they did in game 2, the Pistons would have won both road games against the Celtics and had a 2 - 0 lead.

However, I think losing game one and winning the second game on the road is actually better for the Pistons. That way they won't feel that this series is going to be a cake walk.

After the Pistons victory over the Celtics in Boston Thursday night, The Pistons now have a chance to put the pedal to the metal and win on their own court... I'm confident that they'll get the job done.

Now lets talk about Rodney Stuckey...

I am so happy that the Pistons finally have someone, besides Lindsey Hunter, who can back up Chauncey Billups. Both Lindsey Hunter and Rodney Stuckey, did an excellent job, but I was really impressed with the Rookie. Rodney scored 13 points and what I really love about this kid is how he attacks the basket. Every time I see Rodney Stuckey play, I applaud Joe Dumars. Go Pistons!

The Pistons beat the Celtics 103 - 97


Fl├╝ge Afrika said...

Second position is the first loser-position. I was disapointed.

Jay Smith said...

I enjoy the reading alot, thanks!