Sunday, May 11, 2008

No Chauncey, But Pistons Take 3 - 1 Lead In Series Against The Magic

The Pistons beat the Magic without Chauncey Billup's Saturday evening, to take a 3 - 1 lead in the series against the Magic. That's right. For those who thought the Pistons couldn't win without Chauncey, shame on you.

Let me remind you, the Pistons have one a few other times without Chauncey. The only time you have to worry, is when Chauncey is playing, but not like himself.

The Pistons have a chance to end this series Tuesday night. The question is... should Chauncey play or not?

I personally do not think that Chauncey needs to play, in order for the Pistons to close this thing out. I think he should sit out for one more game, so he could be good and ready for the next series. If Chauncey decides to play in game 5 however, he should only play for a few minutes.

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