Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pistons Give Cav's A Suprise Beat Down

The Cavaliers dominated the Pistons in the first half Wednesday night. The second half however a was different story.

Arron Afflalo gave the Pistons a much needed spark. Like the Veteran ex-Piston Lindsay Hunter, Afflalo's energy is just incredible.

With the help of Arron Afflalo, the Pistons came alive in the second half, ambushed the Cav's and whipped the pants off of them. Rasheed Wallace knocked down some three's and the rest is history.

The old Pistons team, did not have anyone who can penetrate and attack the paint, now they have four. With the addition of Allen Iverson, Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey, and Arron Afflalo, the Pistons have plenty of weapons who can go inside and attack the paint. In fact, let me add Mr. Point/Forward, Tayshaun Prince to the list. I mean really, What can't Tayshaun do?

Check out these stats! Last night against the Cavilier's, the Pistons scored 44 points in the paint to the Cavilier's 22. Now, That's impressive! Especially considering the fact that the Cav's have a human freight train on their team (Lebron James).

The Pistons beat the Cavilier's 96 to 89. Next opponent, The Boston Celtics.

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