Thursday, December 18, 2008

With A New Starting Line-up The Piston's Beat The Wizards

Coach Curry's new starting line-up seems to be a working out just fine. The Pistons have now won three in a row with Rodney Stuckey running the point. Allen Iverson is the Allen Iverson that were use to seeing. Tayshaun Prince is doing well at Power-foward, Rip Hamilton is doing great at small foward, and Rasheed Wallace doesn't seem to have any complaints about the starting line-up going small. So all is good. Once the Pistons get into a rhythm, especially with Antonio Mcdyess back on board, this team is going to be great.

The Pistons beat the Wizards 88 - 74.

Don't tell me the Wizards only won 4 games this season. Yikes !!!

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