Friday, January 2, 2009

Amir Is Doing A Great Job In The Strarting Line-Up

Amir Johnson started out this season as a starter, however coach Curry decided to place him back on the bench because of inconsistent play.

He then placed Kwame Brown in the starting line-up for a few games before deciding to go with a smaller line-up with Rodney Stuckey at the point.

Due to a groin injury rip Hamilton is out and Amir Johnson is back in the starting line-up and he's really stepped up and is doing a great job.

The problem now is, figuring out who will be in the starting line-up and who will come off the bench.

Rodney Stuckey can still be just as effective coming off the bench. However if Rodney is placed back on the bench, would that take Allen Iverson and Rip Hamilton out of their groove?

Probably, but I'm confident that Allen and Rip can easily bounce back.

A.I. can still be just as effective at point guard, but Coach Curry was just a little anxious to get things going a little faster, and that's why the starting line-up changed so often.

He should have first of all given Amir a chance to get used to playing as a starter and also used to playing with Allen Iverson. Second of all, he should have given A.I a chance to get adjusted to the team.

Amir Johnson can be just as effective as Rodney Stuckey in the starting line-up, but some players just need a little more time adjusting than others.

The bottom line is, The Pistons are going to need bigger bodies in the starting line-up especially come playoff time. In other words when Curry gave Amir the first crack at being a starter, he made the right choice, and he should've stuck with it.

The Pistons don't really need those many scorers in the starting line-up. So It's best that one of them come off the bench to even things up.

Rip Hamilton and Allen Iverson is certainly out of the question. Neither one would like coming off the bench, and unless coach Curry want to start World War three, he shouldn't even think about it.

Rodney Stuckey would be the likely choice.

First of all, he can be just as effective coming off the bench. Second of all, he'll add some scoring to the second unit. And third, this is only his second season in this league. So if Curry decides to bench Rodney, he'll still have a chance to a be a starter in this league someday.

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