Friday, November 30, 2007

I Like What I'm Seeing From Chauncey Billups This Season

Chauncey Billups seem to be more aggressive, this season. He's playing the way a two time All-Star with a $60 million contract should. He's more consistent in driving hard to the basket, which is really helping the Pistons break down the defense of their opponents, he seem to have gotten smarter in his decision making, and even athletic wise he seem to have gotten quicker.

In fact I like what I'm seeing from the other starters as well. Tayshaun Prince seems to be a lot more aggressive and assertive, and more of a leader this season. Rip Hamilton seem to have grown as a player. I like the fact that he's getting more assists. Rasheed Wallace's game is excellent as usual. I think changing him to center was a great move. Most importantly, Antonio McDyess seem to be comfortable in his role as a starter, which I am very pleased about. He brings a lot more offense to the first unit. I don't really have any complaints, except for the fact that they don't seem to play the Bulls as well as I know they can.

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