Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pistons Win Against The Cavaliers 109-74

I'm glad that the Pistons beat the Cavaliers, although I wish Lebron was on the floor when they won. As you know, he got injured late in the 2nd quarter, and didn't return for the second half. That kind of spoiled the victory, since, lets face it, Lebron James is The Cavaliers. Nevertheless, the Pistons were going to win whether Lebron played or not, but if he had played the remaining quarters, they certainly wasn't going to win by 35 points that's for sure.


Darah said...

Do you think the pistons are capable of a championship this year?.....I need comments on my blog....can u help me out.

Amerri said...

Yes, I think the Pistons are very capable of winning the championship this year, especially the way Chauncey is playing. I think his game has gotten better, and he's become a better leader this year as well.

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