Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pistons Wives And Girlfriends

O.k. If you're nosy and want to know the names and faces of the Pistons wives and girlfriends, I'll give you a list.


Chauncey Billups have a wife name Piper. Chauncey and Piper have three daughters. Their last girl was born in July of 2006. You can find pictures of Chauncey Billups, his wife Piper and their 3 daughters by going to, clicking on Editorial, clicking on sport and typing "Chauncey billups at shock game" in the search bar.


Tayshaun Prince have a wife name Farah. According to Wikepedia they have a son, but their is conflicting information on another website that says the couple doesn't have any children yet. Here's a whole photo gallery of Tayshaun Prince and his wife Farah Also don't forget to read the article. It's a great article.


Rasheed Wallace has a wife name Fatima. They have children together including a girl name Rashiyah. You can find a Picture of Rasheeds wife Fatima by going to, typing Rasheed Wallace at shock game" in the search bar. Look Under Location and click where you see the name "Fatima". His wife is the one to the left in the beige top.


Rip Hamilton has a girlfriend named T.J Lottie. The couple had a 8 pound 21 inch baby boy on October 31. This is Rips first child. Again, you can find a picture of Rip and T.J Lottie by going to click on Editorial, click sport, type "Rip Hamilton" in the search bar, click on location to the left of the screen, click "see all"..., click on Nevada. You should see a picture of them at the AllStar game.


Antonio McDyess just got married I think in July. He married his longtime girlfriend Liara Williams. I haven't seen a picture of her yet, but if I find one I'll post it. Antonio also have a nine year old son name Artavious.


Lindsay Hunters wife name is Ivy. I think they have like 5 kids. I'll post a picture of them soon...


Cheikh Sambs wife name is Anta. The last I heard was that He was trying to bring his wife, Anta, to the United States, and that Immigration paperwork was under way to grant her a visa.

And there you go nosy people... :o)


Anonymous said...

what about jarvis hayes and aaron afflalo?

Amerri said...

I don't know about those two since they're pretty new to the team, but if I find out about their girlfriends or wives I'll post it :)

Anonymous said...

where's the pics? Inquiring minds need to know, particularly about McDyess...

Amerri said...

I'll see what I can find... :)

Anonymous said...

Please see what you can find out about Aaron Afflalo. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes I need to know if Aaron Afflalo has a significant other. He looks very decent and not like your typical tattooed up brother. And he is fine.

Amerri said...

Yeah, Arron looks like a nice guy...and yes I hope he stays tattoo free.

I'll see if there's some more info about him available.

So far I haven't been able to find anything.

Anonymous said...

Just looking for some info on antonio mcdyess about being a rolemodel. Whats his game, besides b ball and is he a christian?