Monday, December 17, 2007

Primoz Brezec And Walter Herrmann Happy To Be Pistons

Detroit FreePress

Both former Charlotte Bobcats said they were happy to be in Detroit -- limited playing time and blizzard-like conditions aside.

"We're so glad, happy, excited, and hopefully it's not going to be just one year," Brezec said. "We're looking forward to being here for a long period of time. We both talked, and we want to retire as Pistons."

Brezec said he "kind of forced a trade" because he wasn't happy with the way his role was reduced under coach and former Spartan Sam Vincent. For his first two seasons in Charlotte, Brezec was a main offensive option, using his outside shooting to work pick-and-pop situations.

But his minutes and production fell off last season, with some blaming an extensive summer with his national team in Slovenia. This season, he missed two weeks of preseason for personal reasons and had fallen further down the pecking order on offense.

Most nights, he played fewer than 10 minutes. In Detroit, Brezec's role won't be much different.

But he sounded more than accepting of that Sunday, when he played seven minutes with three rebounds, two assists and two turnovers.

"The Detroit Pistons is the definition of what team basketball is supposed to be," Brezec said. "Everything they do, they do the right way. From the top to the bottom -- organization, players, how they play on offense, how they play on defense, unselfish, share the ball. There's a world championship here, and that's why me and Walter are here to help this team get back on track."

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