Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unmotivated Pistons Lose To The Bulls Again

I'm not trying to take anything away from The Bulls, but they're no tougher an opponent than any other team The Pistons beat this season.

And fatigue is not an excuse for the awful way that The Pistons played last night. Whenever The Pistons meet with The Bulls, The Pistons don't even seem to be interested in playing. I mean, where's the passion?

I think they're suffering from some type of physiological issue. They seemed to have enjoyed playing against The Bulls, until their friend and leader Ben Wallace decided to join sides with the enemy. Now I guess its just not fun for them anymore...

They're like "what's my motivation"?

How about a few hundred boos from angry Fans?

Just kid'n. We can't do that to our Pistons. Just let them work out they're insanity on they're own.


Lori said...

They've just reverted to their old's aggravating.

In the game against the Magic last night, I watched Chauncey power his way into the paint to get fouled...AT THE END OF THE GAME. Trying to save their ass. WHY WON'T THEY DO THAT THE WHOLE FRIGGEN GAME???!!! ARGH!

Amerri said...

The Pistons are great, but only when they want to be...

Flip Saunders need to start yelling at them like Larry Brown did. That's how you have to be with a stubborn team like the Pistons.