Friday, February 22, 2008

Ben Wallace Traded To The Cavaliers

Well, congratulations Cavaliers, or should I say Lebron James! You finally acquired Ben Wallace.

I must warn you though... Don't be too giddy! As good as Ben is, he was only good for the Pistons. Ask the Bulls, they'll tell you...Last year during the playoffs, whose Locker Room was Ben hanging out in for nearly an hour, after his team had lost to the Pistons? all give you a hint...It wasn't the Bulls.

Heck, he didn't even pick his fro out for them until the media complained about it. In fact, when Ben was asked about his former team the Pistons, he said "I miss my guys" despite the fact that he was then a member of the Bulls.

You see, Joe Dumars built the entire Pistons team around Ben Wallace, and did an excellent job finding guys who understood him and therefore could deal with his personality...That's why it worked.

Ben is something else... One of a kind... The type of guy that you build around if you want to be successful. Not just throw into the mix. That's what Joe Dumars understood.

Ben knows that he made a mistake by leaving the Pistons, and you'll soon find that you made a mistake by trying to be like the Pistons. It's a great compliment though!

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