Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pistons Win First Game Of Season Against Pacers

The Pistons beat the Indiana Pacers 100-94 in Wednesday nights game opener. In the first quarter, the Pacers were on a roll leading the Pistons 12-4, but Tayshaun Prince soon put a stop to that starting with a dunk between two defenders. It was looking good from there. Every time the Pacers tried to make a surge, the Prince was there to stop it.

The second unit had a couple of show stoppers as well. Arron Afflalo and Walter Herrmann forced turnovers with their sticky defense and knocked down some pretty shots. I'm really excited about Arrons offense this season. In game one he fearlessly knocked down shots and wasn't afraid of the 3 point line.

The approach that the Pistons are taking this season is to play like they never won a championship... If only they would have thought of that sooner...


John said...

It was huge performance Walter Herrmann coming in from the bench. I'm happy to see that he is finally being given a shot by the Pistons.

I wish we had him with us during Beijing. But his decision to stay back has paid dividend for him after all.

All his hard work and effort to win himself a place in Pistons roster is fullfill. I hope the new coach will keep this up.

I'm hoping to see his contribution will help the franchise is someways to regain back their dominance in the East.

What is thought about his performance tonight, kindly share with us...

Amerri said...

Walter Herrmann is a great addition to the team. I really hope that coach curry continues to allow him to play. I've been a fan of Walter since he joined the team last season. He's definitely going to be needed especially during the playoffs.