Monday, November 3, 2008

Walter Herrmann, Great Addition to the Pistons

I've been a fan of Walter Herrmann since he joined the Pistons last season. Anyone who missed his performance against the Wizards Saturday night, should still agree that he's a great addition to the team. What Walter Herrmann showed in the few minutes that he was given last season, with Flip Saunders as the head coach, is that he's good both offensively and defensively. Saturday night with Michael Curry as head coach, Walter showed the same thing. Saturday night, Walter Herrmann made some great plays, played great defense, knocked down some crucial shots and helped build the Pistons lead over the Wizards. He had 16 points. The bench had an impressive 55 points altogether. The Pistons beat the Wizards 117 - 109.

Hopefully the new coach will continue to allow Walter Herrmann to play more minutes this season. I'm really excited about what he brings to the team. Yeah!!!

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Peter Robert Casey said...

The Argentinian will certainly add depth to the Piston's roster. I think AI will create a 'unique' dynamic in Detroit. Not sure if it's the right recipe though for a championship.