Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coach Curry, Give Arron Afflalo A Chance!

I see Coach Curry took my advice and put 'Dyess in the starting line-up. That was a smart move. However, he needs to make one more move to make this team better, and that is, put Rodney Stuckey back on the bench.

Sure, Stuckey had a couple of great games scoring 30 and 40 points as a starter, but a couple of great games doesn't make the Pistons a better team.

Lately, Rodney Stuckey has been invisible. I don't believe he's quit ready to be a starter in this league. Like Amir Johnson, I believe he's more comfortable coming off the bench for now.

If they think that the starting lineup would be too old if they placed Rip back into the starting line-up, then how about this... give Arron Afflalo a chance to start.

Ironically, Coach Curry gave all of the young guys a chance to start this season but Arron Afflalo. The only young guy who has been consistent this whole season.

I think Arron Afflalo can handle being a starter. 1. He's very mature for his age, 2. he's a gym rat and 3. he's very competitive... all the things that make a great leader. I bet he would do a great job playing alongside Allen Iverson.

Afflalo could be a defensive leader for the starting unit, just like Jason Maxiell is the defensive leader for the bench.

What do you say coach Curry?

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It’s time for Michael Curry to put on his Captain Kirk thinking cap, as the Leader of the Pistons.