Friday, February 20, 2009

Rodney Stuckey Is Playing Sucky

It was a close game, but the Pistons lost to the Spurs last night.

Yes, coach Curry decided to leave Rodney Stuckey in in the game, despite the fact that hes been playing awful.

Had Curry sat Stuckey on the bench, the Pistons probably would have won. I kept waiting for coach Curry to call Arron Afflalo into the game, but he opted to leave him on the bench the entire night.

Whatever psychological issues Rodney Stucky is having, the Pistons honestly do not have time to worry about it right now.

If it was up to me I'd let him work it out on the bench and start Arron Afflao instead. Atleast for the next few games.

Then if I like what I see, I'd promote Arron Afflalo to the starting lineup.

What the Pistons need right now is an established leader, and I believe that Allen Iverson and Arron Afflalo are fully capable of being co-leaders of this team, if given the chance.

What I like about both Arron Afflalo and Allen Iverson is that no one have to tell them to be aggressive.

They are equally hardworking and competitive by nature and therefore give the same effort every game.

That's why I can envision those two doing an great job on the court together as starters and leaders of the team.

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