Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rodney Stuckey Visits A Local Middle School

One day after helping to secure a 98-94 win over the Orlando Magic, Rodney Stuckey visited Remus Robinson Middle School in Detroit to talk to the students about the importance of eating well and exercising. Stuckey, and the NBA, have teamed up with Body By Milk to bring the Get Fit By Finals program to schools nationwide. Get Fit encourages students to be active for 60 minutes a day, and to make good nutrition choices, such as drinking three glasses of milk a day.

“Exercise and good nutrition helped me achieve my goal of playing in the NBA and maintaining the high-level of fitness required to stay at the top of my game,” says Stuckey, a 2007 first round draft pick by the Pistons. “Along with other top athletes, fitness and nutrition experts, I’m excited to help teens reach their own personal best and help them Get Fit By Finals.”

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