Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pistons Beat The Nuggets Yet Again

The Pistons beat the Nuggets Tuesday night, despite another excellent performance by Chauncey Billups. I think he busted like 34 points on the Pistons or something. He had like 21 points in the first half. Almost identical to the game he had in Denver.

The fans gave Mr. Big Shot a long Standing ovation before the game. That was great. What I didn't like was the sign that read the "Canswer" in reference to Allen Iverson. I believe A.I. deserves more respect than that.

Anways, at the end of the game Rip was walking and talking to Chauncey with his jersey pulled up to his mouth, so you couldn't read what he was saying.

I can just about imagine though. Can't you?

It probably went a little something like this...

Rip: "They put me on the bench Chauncey. Me. That's crazy right? I mean, can you believe that? I was this close Chauncey. I was this close. Maaaaaan.... you just don't know."

Meanwhile Chauncey was probably thinking...

"That's it, I'm turning my phone off."

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