Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Bynum, 'Dyess and Tay Help Lead Pistons To Victory

The Pistons are a very fun team to watch. This is definitely a new era anytime I find myself being entertained by the Pistons whether they're winning or losing. Before the Will Bynum, Allen Iverson Era, it seems like the Pistons loses were always ugly.

Now they're losing pretty and winning even prettier. Take the two games in Texas for instance. Those were two of the prettiest loses the Pistons ever had. Then the Pistons had a pretty win against the Clippers last night.

Yes, the Pistons had a great win over the Clippers despite missing four players. Will Bynum did a great job filling in for Rodney Stuckey who was out with the Flu.

The Pistons were down 12 points in the first half but started cooking in the second.

Tayshaun Prince had a career high 12 assists, Antonio Mcdyess was doing everything to help the team win as usual and Walter Herrmann knocked down some key shots when the Pistons needed it. It was a team effort.

I'm really liking the addition of Kwame Brown and Will Bynum. Will is a great little weapon to have. He gets to the hoop almost effortless. Then he have the nerve to be able to dunk. Yep, the little guy can dunk. He makes the team so much more entertaining to watch. Most importantly he's helping the Pistons team win.

The Pistons beat the Clippers 1-8-90.

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