Thursday, April 2, 2009

Put Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace Back In Starting Line-up Please!

Coach Curry needs to stop with all the experimenting and put Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace back in the starting line-up.

Allen Iverson can play the point. The thing is, Curry just didn't allow him to get comfortable in that role. He's constantly switching things up.

The idea of Rip and A.I. not being able to play alongside each other was just an excuse to put Rodney Stuckey in the starting line-up.

Stuckey plays well, but he's not so spectacular that he should replace a guy like Allen Iverson in the starting line-up.

Stuckey have plenty of time to be a starter in this league, so why not enjoy as much of A.I. as we can?

In order to make Allen Iverson more comfortable coming off the bench, coach Curry has now placed Rasheed Wallace on the bench... Give me a break!

A.I. wouldn't be comfortable coming off the bench if the entire starting line-up came off the bench with him.

Curry needs to face the facts. Allen Iverson is not a bench player. He never was and he never will be.

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