Saturday, April 4, 2009

Allen Iverson Out For The Season

With Allen Iverson out for the season, some Pistons fans would probably judge A.I. and say that he's abandoning the team right before the playoffs because he's upset about coming off the bench, but A.I. actually have a valid complaint.

He says that coming off the bench with a back injury is hard because he have to sit which causes his back to stiffen up. Therefore Joe Dumars and A.I.'s agent think that it is best for A.I. not continue to try to play this season.

Still I know some people would say that he's just faking his injury because he doesn't want to come off the bench.

Well first of all, you can't blame Allen Iverson for not wanting to come off the bench. Rip didn't want to come off the bench either. He was just fortunate that Allen Iverson suffered an injury making it possible for him to ease his way back into the starting line-up. Lets not forget that.

Like Rip, A.I. is very competitive. You can't expect guys like them to want to come off the bench playing 17 or 18 minutes a night.

Can you blame Allen Iverson for being upset with his role? Look at how many times Coach Curry switched up the starting line-up. I count at least nine times this season.

do you think Allen Iverson is the only one complaining? The truth is Coach Curry did not allow his team to get into any type of rhythm.

I wish things would have turned out differently for A.I. He's had some unfortunate things happen to him this season. Dealing with a Rookie Head coach, an injury he's never had before, being placed on a bench for a guy who haven't being playing well, but remains in the starting line-up simply because he's younger...

I feel ya A.I...

Well after this ordeal, A.I. probably won't be back with Pistons next season. Not unless Joe D fires coach Curry, hire Larry Brown and place Allen Iverson back into the starting line-up.

Whatever happens I hope things turn out well for A.I. He shouldn't have to end his career like this.


Jose Ma. Rosendo A. said...

Allen Iverson has had an illustrious career and has distinguished himself by playing through all sorts of pains and injuries. To shut down for the rest of the season is very uncharacteristic for the warrior that he is.

My suspicion is that during his last meeting with Joe Dumars, Iverson was told that he will have to continue coming off the bench, and if he can't accept this, he can just pack it up for the season. It was a way out for the proud veteran with no hard feelings between him, Joe Dumars, or the team.

My thoughts simply are that as a professional athlete, one ought to show up and pour his guts out when called upon whether it be to play a major role or an off-the-bench role. The fans go through all sorts of trouble just to get to see the players they so admire and it's such a shame when they can't see the players play because of whimsical reasons.

The comments of Iverson shortly after their loss to the Nets, and before his conversation with Dumars shows that he (AI) simply is too proud to come off the bench, and would rather retire, or in this case, go on an early vacation, than continue to play. As mentioned earlier, it's the fans that miss out in all this, and that just isn't right.

Amerri said...

I don't think Joe Dumars and coach Curry was honest with Allen Iverson concerning his role on the team.

They intended to have Rodney Stuckey in the starting line-up all along, since they feel that he is the future of this team.

That's the real reason for why coach Curry wouldn't allow A.I. to play along side Rip Hamilton in the starting line-up.

So I feel like it's the coaches who are making the fans miss out on Allen Iverson, not A.I. himself.

The truth is some guys do a better job coming off the bench than others.

I know who plays great coming off the bench and that's Rodney Stuckey.

If Allen Iverson feels that he can offer more to the team as a starter, then the coaches should have at least considered that.

ball said...

I agree that the some guys do a better job coming off the bench than others.

If Allen Iverson feels that he can offer more to the team as a starter, then the coaches should have at least considered that.