Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm On To You Know Rodney Stuckey

The Pistons finally won against the Magic last night after losing eight in a row. I wasn't too impressed because it was about time anyways. I mean, they can't lose for ever, Right?

Rip Hamilton is back in the starting line-up, and as usual he brought a lot of energy, but I saw signs of the Pistons coming back to life even before Rip re-joined the starting line-up. Unfortunately, in one of the games where the Pistons were playing very well, Allen Iverson got injured.

The following game the Pistons were even more close to winning, but Rasheed Wallace lost his temper over a no-call, and the team once again had to play without one of their key players. Both games the Pistons could have won.

For those who don't like Allen Iverson and want to say that the Pistons won because he wasn't playing, how do you explain the Pistons winnig seven in a row while Rip Hamilton was out due to injury?

Was Rodney Stuckey deliberately playing the worst that he could possibly play to help Rip Hamilton get back into the starting line-up?

Well I don't know if it was intentional, but Stuckey, may have been playing poorly because he felt bad about replacing Rip in the starting line-up.

The reason why coach Curry refused to put Rodney Stuckey back on the bench is obviously because he wasn't convinced that he couldn't play well alongside Allen Iverson, and I'm no longer convinced either.

I think coach Curry simply gave up trying to make Rodney play right with Allen Iverson in the starting line-up.

Then when Rip Hamilton started complaining about his role, he just completely gave up and let Stuckey, and Rip have what they wanted. Anything to stop the losing streak from growing.

Rip A Slick Dude

I'm glad that Rip Hamilton made his way back into the starting line-up, but I can't help but to notice how slick this dude is.

Rip knew that the Pistons eventually had to start playing better after they got over the initial shock of him being placed on the bench. Unfortunately Allen Iverson got hurt, right as they started playing better.

This was the perfect time for him to make his move. If you notice Rip was very cooperative and didn't complain the whole time about coming off the bench, or how the team was losing with him on the bench, until Allen Iverson got injured.

Rodney Stuckey Vs. Allen Iverson

Rodney Stuckey is a great player, but he tend to disappear against teams that play good defense, whereas Allen Iverson can't be stopped. That's why, in my opinion, Allen Iverson should be in the a starting line-up as opposed to Rodney Stuckey.

2 comments: said...

I'll never understand when Pistons fans don't see that Iverson makes the team worse.

Not that he's a bad player, he just is a polar opposite from how the team is built.

Amerri said...

Allen Iverson does not make the Pistons worse. The reason why the Pistons record is so bad is because they have a rookie coach who can't make the players play the way that their suppose to.

Like I said before, the Pistons won seven straight when Rip Hamilton was on the bench due to inury and Allen Iverson and Rodney Stuckey was in the starting line-up. However, as soon as Coach Curry announced that Rip Hamilton would be coming off the bench, all of sudden, Rodney Stuckey gets amnesia and doesn't know how to play. The only explanation for why he all of suddenly acted like he couldn't play alongside Allen Iverson, is that he felt bad about taking Rip Hamiltons place in the starting line-up.

Like I said before, Coach Curry did not allow Rip Hamilton to play alongside Allen Iverson because he had this silly notion that Rip and A.I. couldn't play alongside each other, because their style of play is different. However from what I've seen, the two play great together ever time they have the opportunity to be on the floor at the same time. You can't judge Allen Iverson by how he played when he first came to the team. Of course when he first came to the team he was new, he was nervous and wasn't use to anyone yet. Unfortunately Rip Hamilton got injured, just as Allen Iverson was beginning to get used to his team. Then when Rip got better, instead of sitting Rodney Stuckey and allowing Rip Hamilton and continue to build some chemistry with one another, he went with a three gaurd line-up. Something else the new guy had to try to adjust to. I think A.I. has done pretty well considering all of the changes that coach Curry put this team through.

Of course Rodney Stuckey is going to be happy, running up and down the court and playing with a lot of spirit, now that his buddy Rip Hamilton is back in the starting line-up. Like I said before, I sense that he felt bad for sending Rip to the bench.

I would have loved to see Rip and A.I. play together, I think they would have been very fun duo to watch. unfortunately coach Curry just wouldn't give them a chance.